Flu Season

Is it time to get your flu vaccine? I guess I could advise you to, if the flu vaccine actually worked and did not contain toxic additives. The opposite is true however.  It doesn’t work and it contains mercury and formaldehyde. The toxicity of the flu vaccine is reason enough to avoid it. I myself, have never received a flu vaccine, I just can't do it... Okay, I am also terrified of needles. 

"A recent report in JAMA (December 24/31, 2014, Vol. 312 N. 24) shows how ineffective the flu vaccine is. The U.S. Navy has a mandatory flu vaccine policy. In February of 2014, 25% of the 102 crew members on a minesweeper developed flu-like symptoms. Of the 25 crew members who developed the flu, 24 had been vaccinated (96%). Laboratory testing indicated that 20 sailors had subtype H3N2 which was matched for last-years flu vaccine.

Think about that: 96% who contracted the flu were vaccinated for it, and the vaccine matched the strain they became ill from. This year’s flu vaccine (2014-2015) missed the most common circulating strain, yet The-Powers-That-Be keep telling us to get the flu vaccine."

Taken from 01/05 Dr. Brownstein