Healthy Brain Foods

I have a passion for providing Nutrition Services for People with Developmental Disorders; it is such an important piece to improving the lives of those affected.

Here is a list of some Brain foods and how they benefit us.

Avocados - Nutrient rich, high in Fiber, Folate, and other B vitamins. Avocados are a source of good fat to fight heart disease, great for skin health
Beans - May benefit asthmatics, Good protein source for vegetarians, Boosts memory, Prevents diabetes, obesity and heart disease
Blueberries - Packed with disease fighting antioxidants, Boosts brainpower, Helps improve eyesight 
Broccoli - Prevents stomach problems, Protects eyes and skin from sunlight, Helps prevent cancer and heart disease 
Brown Rice - Promotes good sleep, Prevents constipation, Eases asthma, Prevents cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity 
Carrots - Helps eyesight, Boosts immunity, Aids healthy lungs 
Chicken - Great for cell growth and repair, Boosts immunity, aids in good sleep and reduces stress.  Eat Organic Grass Fed Chicken. 
Kiwi - Healthy breathing, Repairs cells, Keeps eyes healthy 
Omega 3 fatty acids - Improves brain function and memory, Lessens the effects of ADD and ADHD. Sources are Wild Fish and Fish Oils 
Quinoa - Highest protein content of all grains, Good protein source for vegetarians, High in Vitamin B, High in fiber and Gluten Free. 
Sweet Potatoes - Prevents obesity and diabetes, Prevents constipation, Helps eye sight, great for a sweet tooth  
Tomatoes - The Lycopene helps prevent Cancer, Eases asthma.